What you missed on The Sin City Siren this week

If you are reading The Tired Feminist, I love you. This is a brand new blog and I am pouring my heart and soul into it. (And I hope you don’t mind while I tinker with the design here and there.) But have you checked out my other blog, The Sin City Siren? The three-year-old Siren has different, more newsy content. I think you’d like it!

Here’s what happened on The Siren this week:

  • NV Women Lose Again: As if Nevada doesn’t have it bad enough being the worst state for foreclosures, bankruptcies, joblessness, teen pregnancy… should I go on? Now we’ve been ranked 37th in the country for women’s health care. This post is about why you should care and what you can do.
  • Sexual Harassment – A second-class crime: This is about how the recent sexual harassment lawsuit against Las Vegas nightclub owner Michael Morton by Leslie Culler is the perfect example of how we ghettoize crimes against women based on gender. From Chrissy Mazzeo being blacklisted after allegations that Gov. Jim Gibbons assaulted her to the Walmart class-action lawsuit… it’s not just about the women. It’s about how we treat women.
  • Dear Progressive Community: Stop being rape apologists: Why I’m ashamed of the progressive community for discrediting rape allegations against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in favor of blind hero-worship.

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