Identity crisis

Dear Tired Feminist Readers:

First of all: I fucking love you! Thank you so much for reading my new little blog tackling feminist motherhood and other rants.

So here’s the deal: As I create this web-space, I stumble upon little hurdles here and there. The current conundrum is all about image. And by image, I mean literally, what image I might use to represent The Tired Feminist. I need a logo or a photo or some kind of image that I can use to visually convey The Tired Feminist. The only problem is, I’m a word person. (Hence, the blogging.) I suck at coming up with image or logo ideas. (Need proof: Check out my other blog, The Sin City Siren. No logo after 3 years!)

So rather than suffer in silence at my lack of artistic skills, I’m opening up the topic for discussion right here. Help me shape The Tired Feminist! Who’s a Tired Feminist? What image comes to mind? If you are a tired feminist (and I suspect you are if you’re reading this blog), how do you imagine yourself? What image would resonate with you?

Let’s discuss! Let’s brainstorm! Help a tired feminist out!

And hey, like any over-worked, over-stressed mom I’m not above bribery. If you have a truly great idea, I’ll reward you in a way that is fair — compensation, public praise, a prize — whatever we can agree on.

Game on!

One comment

  1. Though not a mother, I am a single 48 year old female that is INDEED, a tired feminist. I’m tired of waiting for the knight in shining armor to arrive, tired of taking care of myself and others in the mean time, tired of having to maintain my looks like that of a 28 year old because I’m single, tired of the ever-changing rules of dating that feel like I’ve been thrown back 100 years in the “advantage” department.

    All too often lately, I’ve been heard to say that feminism, to which I was thrust by growing up in the ’70’s, was no friend to a girl who was raised Mormon and led to believe that the man would take care of without, if she but take care of within. Instead, I have a hot career, hot bod, hot car, hot properties, hot hangouts but, NO hot man, children, grandchildren and the like. Yep, I’m a tired feminist too.

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