What’s your pleasure?

I want to hear from you!

In particular, I’m researching a future post (or posts) on birth control options — the types; the obstacles to access; and how and why we make the choices we do. For instance, do you have (or have had) an IUD? Why or why not? What is your experience with The Pill? Is your choice influenced by cost, access to a provider/pharmacy, religion, marital status, sexual orientation…?

So, let me hear it! Please don’t sit this one out! (You can send me an e-mail to share your thoughts privately, if you prefer.)

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And thank you so much for your participation!


  1. I don’t usually tend to bother cool bloggers with my comments ;), but this is a topic close to my heart!
    After having been on the Pill for 4 years with my first partner, I was relieved to stop using it when I was single. Condoms took some getting used to, but turned out to be practical and fun and safe, and much better than the side effects of the Pill. For me those are: having to actually remember to take it, decimation of my precious libido, oversensitivity to touch, and a dislike of the idea of using hormones.
    I have a very irregular period but might one day want children, so I don’t want to mess with my hormonal imbalance any more than necessary.
    I’m aware that there are different Pills out there, but my insurance only covers the cheapest kind and those give me most side effects (though Yasmine and the Nuva ring both have quite strong effects on me too).
    Another good reason for me not to take the Pill, are my sexual habits. I might one day have children, but at the moment a pregnancy is a frighting thing in my life. Since I am in an non-monogamous relationship and have several partners, it is important to protect myself and others against STI’s. And while in the heat of passion it might be easy to decide that the risk of chlamydia might be worth it, the risk of an unplanned pregnancy never is. Not being on the Pill actually helps my sexual health in that way!
    Anyway, rant.. 😉

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