More food politics: ADHD edition

I guess dissecting nutrition is in the air these days. No sooner had I posted about the trans fats bill in the Nevada Legislature, do I see this article from Grist about a study linking ADHD symptoms to diet.

The Grist piece is about new study by Netherlands researcher Dr. Lidy Pessler of the ADHD Research Center. Pessler’s new research, published in the latest medical journal The Lancet, shows a direct correlation between diet and a person exhibiting the symptoms and behaviors of ADHD. In the study, the doctor put kids on a “hypoallergenic diet” consisting mainly of water, rice, turkey, lamb, lettuce, carrots, pears and other whole foods with no additives, dyes or artificial enhancement.

Removing kids from artificial food products and getting them back to basics — whole foods — was key:

There are a multitude of credible scientific studies to indicate that diet plays a large role in the development of ADHD. One study found that the depletion of zinc and copper in children was more prevalent in children with ADHD. Another study found that one particular dye acts as a “central excitatory agent able to induce hyperkinetic behavior.” And yet another study suggests that the combination of various common food additives appears to have a neurotoxic effect — pointing to the important fact that while low levels of individual food additives may be regarded as safe for human consumption, we must also consider the combined effects of the vast array of food additives that are now prevalent in our food supply.

After being on the diet, a majority of the kids in the study responded with amazing results. They exhibited no signs of ADHD at all!

Dr. Pessler’s study is the first to conclusively say that diet is implicated in ADHD. In the NPR interview, Dr. Pessler did not mince words, “Food is the main cause of ADHD,” she said adding, “After the diet, they were just normal children with normal behavior. They were no longer more easily distracted, they were no more forgetful, there were no more temper-tantrums.” The study found that in 64 percent of children with ADHD, the symptoms were caused by food. “It’s a hypersensitivity reaction to food,” Pessler said.

This is absolutely amazing! And there is no doubt this will have a huge impact on thousands of children and adults living with ADHD!

Isn’t it amazing how much impact our diets have on our lives?


  1. ADHD: the expression of (note A) polymorphisms in the alleles of the genes of chromosome pair #4 (note B) & #5 (note C).

    note A: There is the nature / nurture (DNA / environment) facts at play. The DNA being about 60% causal. The environmental factors exacerbate the predisposition (note D).

    note B: ADHD-PI predominantly inattentive sub-type, previously called ADD.

    note C: ADHD-H hyperactive sub-type. I would suppose that AHDD-C combined sub-type would span both chromosome #4 & #5.

    note D: environmental factors which exacerbate the disorder include..

    – bad parenting
    – bad nutrition
    – bad teachers

    The causality is a genetic predisposition which is present to various degrees depending on your ancestry. In white Anglo-Saxons (European) the alleles are found in 22% of the genome. The lowest I saw was 1.5% in some isolated Pacific island.

    Note that allele polymorphism IS NOT gene damage, just a different arrangement of molecular bonds. The last “D” in ADHD is for disorder, the condition is not a desease, it is part of the human genome.

    This disorder is not new by any means, it is on the rise because of bad (parenting, nutrition, teachers) environmental stressors. These can be easily changed, genes cannot be resequenced.


    – Go back to sound nutrition, learn to cook. If it didn’t grow in the ground.. don’t eat it. Animal flesh doesn’t require medicating as part of farming. Know what food actually is (you can’t get food at McDonalds).

    – Stop the feminization of schools. Share & pair, & much of the crap that is being pushed is harming all children. If your child needs remediation & practice, do it yourself because the educators today cannot teach.

    – Take a parenting course or two offered by proper Child Psychiatrists (not social workers). Change your ways & see what effect it has on your kids.

    – WOMEN, get over your own problems & stop projecting them onto your kids. I am not writing this to be offensive at all. Read everything you can from peer reviewed medical & scientific studies. Keep your own delusional ideas & ideologies out of it BECAUSE your own actions are one of the causal components. If you have typical women issues (self-worth, borderline, bipolar, ADHD) then get treatment for yourself!

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