The wave

This is just a quickie: Did anyone else see this story about the stay-at-home dad who dressed up in 180 different costumes to wave at his son on the school bus each morning?

“This was [my son’s] first year on the bus. My wife came running in the room and suggested we go wave at him to embarrass him.”

And so began Dale’s hazing ritual that continued every day for the rest of his son’s school year. The first day may have been the most shocking for Rain, but in the days to follow, the surprises kept coming.

Since the fall, Dale has waved at his son in 180 different outlandish costumes. The second day of school he wore a football helmet and jersey, and in the months that followed he opened the front door dressed as a blushing bride, a superhero, a Star Trek fan, Michael Jackson, and a giant chicken.  One day he even lugged an old toilet bowl onto the street and sat on it reading a newspaper, stopping to wave as the bus rolled by.

Over time, Rain’s most humbling moment became his most anticipated. “The first day of high school…it was really embarrassing,” Rain tells the Herald.  “But the last couple of months it has turned into more entertainment.”

Awesome! You can see photos and comments about all 180 costumes on their blog Wave At the Bus. (By the way, Dale did this whole project for less than $50!)

And (non sequitur alert!) while you’re here: Don’t forget that anyone (that means you) can nominate a product or marketing campaign for TMF! Toy Marketing FAIL! Send ’em my way via email: thesincitysiren[at]yahoo[dot]com (replace the [at] with @ and [dot] with .) or you can tweet me @TheSinCitySiren or leave me a message on Facebook!

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