The Walmart ruling

I am beyond mad about The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to deny class-action status to the women suing Walmart for sex discrimination. The suit — representing 1.6 million women who worked at the company from 1998 — was the largest class-action suit in American history. In their 5-4 opinion (which outlined future restrictions on class-action lawsuits), led by Justice Antonin Scalia (who doesn’t believe women are protected from discrimination under the 14th Amendment), the court decided that Walmart was basically too big to sue. And that decision will have implications for workers and their fair treatment for years to come.

Here’s the problem: Drinking the Walmart Koolaid (they’re too big to sue; they provide jobs in a down economy; et al) doesn’t erase the harm they do to communities all over America, and the world.

In fact, Walmart is the largest publicly traded corporation in the world by revenue and they are the largest employer in America! Walmart — a company whose wealth is equal part low-cost products and employing people at unlivable, low wages — has never allowed unionizing or other forms of collective bargaining. And that’s their strategy!

Here’s some other things that are part of their strategy to keep not only their profits high but their negative impact on communities high, too:

So, I don’t care what The Supreme Court says, Walmart IS evil! And any corporation that makes billions by screwing over its workers, the environment, economically depressing the communities it goes into, willingly employing sweatshops, and otherwise being a terrible corporate citizen doesn’t deserve a CENT of my money. Ever!

What’s that line from Spiderman? “With great power comes great responsibility.” If you are the biggest corporation in the WORLD, you have great responsibility! Your power and your example have an impact!

Originally posted on The Sin City Siren.

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