Some quickies to start the week

Here are some stories that have caught my eye recently, to gently get this week rolling (hey, sometimes I have a hard time coming off a weekend, too):

  • Same-sex couples, like these women who’ve been together for 20+ years, started getting married in New York over the weekend.
  • Speaking of romance, let’s look at how heteros don’t always get it right: Five Romcoms You Should Side-Eye (PS: I completely agree with #2. I love a John Hughes film like any good Gen Xer, but the “romance” of Sixteen Candles is total bullshit.)
  • A really good breakdown and conversation about Slutwalks, the good, the bad and the ugly truths.
  • I owe the sisters behind UK’s PinkStinks with inspiring my TMF: Tired Marketing FAIL! series.
  • And here’s an excellent post on how to help our girls deal with beauty standards and feeling like they don’t measure up.
  • The internet and social media were buzzing all weekend regarding the death of Amy Winehouse. RIP.

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