One more week!

Looking at the calendar, we have a week until the next Sin City Siren Book Club where we’ll discuss Tina Fey’s book Bossypants. However, I’m on the mend following some out-patient surgery I had on Friday. (Getting better slowly but surely.)

So I’m postponing book club by a week. Let’s get together Saturday, Aug. 13 at 1pm. Any suggestions on an easy, smoke-free location? We met at The Beat last time, which was okay but a bit too noisy and crowded to talk comfortably. Does anyone know if there are small meeting rooms at a library? Another possibility might be to meet at Whole Foods, depending on the number of RSVPs. Let me hear your ideas!


  1. whole foods sounds like a decent proposition-i guess-but then, how many folks expected? how do people feel about the coffee bar at borders(they have a little while befor they are gone just yet!) either at town square or sunset? or any of the coffee bean/leaf ‘s ?

    • Good point about # of people if we go to Whole Foods. It’s just an idea. Since I don’t eat out much and don’t drink coffee, I’m bad at thinking of places.

      I agree that Borders would be nice. Unfortunately, Borders is not an option. I was just at the one in Town Square and the coffee shop is closed. Not just closed, they are using it for storage, so all kinds of stuff stacked there.

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