TF news round-up

News to set the water cooler a-boil:

  • Did you catch the HuffPro piece on the importance of sex ed for girls? According to Dr. Helen Fisher, quoted in the article, better sex education leads to people being better adjusted sexually. So, does that mean the more you know, the better the sex?
  • Meanwhile, 22 clinics that provide abortions in Virginia may have to close because of new state regulations.
  • New documentary, Miss Representation, highlights the rampant sexism and misogyny in films. For instance, did you know that only 16% of films feature a female protagonist? (PS: That’s only one percentage point less than the female percentage in Congress.) –Ms.Blog
  • Speaking of movies… Thelma & Louise turns 20 this year!
  • Memo to the GOP: If you think welfare is a failure, it’s your own damn fault.
  • GOOD has an interesting post on the decline in kid’s free play time, which it turns out is important for all sorts skill-building and socialization.
  • Does wind power make fast food taste better?
  • If the “Starlet or Streetwalker” segment on E!’s Fashion Police has you seeing the wrong kind of red, there’s a petition for that.
  • And even though I am not an atheist, I agree with a lot of this take-down of Ricky Gervais’ uber-douchebaggery.
  • For the Gen-Xers out there (like me), this essay by Susan Gregory Thomas on the failings of Boomer moms… and the healing that can come from apologies… is really touching.
  • Speaking of books… censorship is on the rise in American schools. 20 books have already been banned this year!


  1. I’m dissappointed in your move to gang up on r. gervais and what i consider to be perfectly reasonable, articulate arguments in favor of athiesm in a time when our civilization is rapidly decending into the dark ages. the truth is that athiests like myself ARE being stigmatized to the point of being afraid to admit the truth about our philisophical beliefs, and more than one so-called frriend/co-worker/ family member has cut me dead upon finding out i dont believe in creationism. this country in particular is in real danger of being taken over by a bunch of fundamentalism nut -jobs and you know it. even if you dont care for rg’s comedic shtick, he makes perfect sense about this issue.

  2. My comments about Gervais have nothing to do with his atheism. I have no issue with atheism or those who identify as atheist. To each their own when it comes to the choice of faith, religion, spirituality, philosophy, or abstention from all the above. However, I do find that many atheists I know can come off just as fundamentalist about their atheism as some “nut-jobs” come off about Christianity or any other religion.

    In fact, if you read the post I link to, what I am agreeing with is the take-down of Gervais’ ridiculously out-sized ego in ALL things, including his sexist comedy “shtick” (as you call it). I don’t find misogyny funny, even if it’s trotted out by a so-called comedic genius.

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