TMF: Halloween costumes (Part 1)

That’s right, I’m going to need at least two posts to fully vent about the seriously fucked up situation happening with Halloween costumes. There is a LOT of Tired Marketing FAIL going on this season!

Let’s take a look at costumes for kids:

We’ve got the “girl” section:


And the “boy” section:


Notice anything? How about all the girl costumes are pretty, pretty princesses and all the boy costumes are action-based heroes!

And then there’s this midriff-baring “Team Pink” cheerleader outfit. Can we at least wait until our girls are going through puberty before we expect them to be sexy?


And how about this? Even if I wasn’t from Alaska, I’d be offended by this little costume:


How about you? Have you seen any really bad Halloween costumes out there? Share ’em!


  1. Does it really need to be said? kitty-cats, french maids and bastardized nurse/cop/ho/mafioso get-ups and what-not for the grown-ups. and i use this term loosely. men in these outfits is one thing. in fact, im seriously waiting for one to dress up as goldilocks and find three leather and/or fllannel-clad hirsute chubby boys to accompany him around town.or for some wiccans to do themselves up as trees or 10th-century village midwives. but please. lets make halloween less gaddamn, well, VEGAS, forcryinoutloud….straight boys get plenty of air-time in the world as it is.

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