Rally recap and updates

Christine Kramar, of Vegas for the Family, speaking at the rally Nov. 12, 2011

We saw.

We organized.

We rallied!

Saturday’s rally against hate speech and jokes about rape was a success thanks to the hard work and quick response of a lot of great people in the community. We had a nice turnout of about three dozen people, including parents, activists, advocates for survivors of sexual violence, and members of the Northwest Community Church. I represented the Nevada Coalition Against Sexual Violence as a member of their board.

Here’s a video of the three moms (including myself) who spoke:

The story has been picked up by different media outlets, too:

  • Brief overview of our call for a code of conduct (AP)
  • TV coverage on Channel 13 (ABC)
  • Eddie Goldman of No Holds Barred mentioned it on his podcast
  • The press release got mentioned on this MMA blog

**Update: We will be on KNPR today (Nov. 15) around 10 am! Please tune in and call in, (877) ASK-KNPR, with your questions and comments!

**Update: Here’s the link with the audio of the interview on KNPR today.

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