Out with the old, in with the new

Hey there, Tired Feminist fans. I’m glad you’ve hung in there and patiently waited for some new posts. I apologize for being a bit negligent. It seems my baby decided that the spoils of daycare should be at least one illness a week that pretty much brings the entire house to a grinding halt. Perhaps the worst of this was waking up bright and early Jan. 1 to a vomiting toddler. The joys of parenting…

But now I’m back and resolved to be a better blogger, or at least a more consistent blogger, in the New Year. But before we dive in to what’s new, let’s take a quick peek back at the old with this Year-in-Review series on The Sin City Siren:

Now that the nostalgia is behind us, let’s focus on the future:

  • Like tackling Mr. Ass Juice Santorum and the primary/caucus season… Or, as I like to call it, the next wave of the War on Women, already in progress
  • Head buzzing about the recent Iowa caucus last week, and the New Hampshire primary today, and the next big-ticket thingy, but secretly wonder what the hell a caucus is anyway? Planned Parenthood’s got a training for that (tonight)!
  • Speaking of hating on women (and gays… and…), have you signed the petition calling for the UFC to clean up its act and enact a code of conduct addressing a spate of recent public remarks joking about rape? Please sign the petition now!
  • And speaking of bullying (because I think joking about rape on twitter is a kind of bullying), is that the unintended (or perhaps exactly intended) consequence of abstinence-only “education”? Slut-shaming and peer pressure as the new tools to belittle those who are sexually active — or even simply seeking accurate information about sex?
  • And from the should-be-a-TMF-files: A look at the patriarchal bargain that young (female) starlets play regarding their own sexuality (ala Dakota Fanning, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, et al) from my brilliant Fem2.0 colleague Clara Vaz.
  • Meanwhile, Brazil enacts a government registry for pregnant women… and a pregnant woman was fired from a Catholic school for the “immoral” act of being artificially inseminated.
  • And what about the news that an autistic boy was stuffed in a gym bag as punishment by his teacher at school?!

PS: Don’t forget to keep sending me your nominations for TMF: Tired Marketing FAIL! Let’s dismantle the patriarchy, one bad, sexist ad concept at a time!

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