The round-up: What’s swirling around the web this week?

  • Elf you: Are people really taking the whole Elf on the Shelf thing this seriously? I thought that whole thing was a marketing scam. Apparently, I’m not alone. And PS: I am way too tired for this shit.
  • When less is more: I’ve been following Grist’s #shiftthegift discussion about doubling-down on less materialism for the holidays. It might not be the coo-coo idea you think. According to one of their tweets, “According to a national survey, more than 3 in 4 Americans wish that holidays were less materialistic.” If you’re intrigued and want a place to start, check out the Simplify the Holidays Pledge. There is also this post, Nothing Corporate Holiday Shopping.
  • Shift the gaze: And while we’re thinking about shifting or pondering our own culpability in this consumerist culture… how about we take one for the team. And by team, I mean humanity. If we want our daughters (and sons) to change their view about female beauty, if we want a new world order where the old archetypes of “beauty” are deconstructed and replaced with the fabulous flesh and blood we really are… then why not start by telling our daughters that we are beautiful? Not just them (because we all know they are the embodiment of beauty and joy personified). But us. The tired mommies. The exhausted dads. The weary role models upon whom they gaze to understand all the wonders of the universe. Start today. Tell them you are beautiful!
  • Feminist Christmas: I found a post while doing a search for feminist Christmas gifts and I am in love with it! For all you Tired Marketing Fail! fans, this post is for you! The only thing I would add is that we have to be equally cognizant of gendered gift choices for boys (and to take it even further, that we should not will a gender on our children at all).
  • The Land of Toys: A look at how one store’s move toward breaking down gender stereotypes in the toy aisle goes a long way toward breaking down rigid gender roles placed on children.
  • I need a benedryl: Where’s the little Nasonex Bee when you need him? This Jezebel post titled Fuck You, Allergies! I Hate You! had me seizing with laughter. The author is plagued by allergies to cats (which she loves). If you want to feel my special brand of allergy torture, just substitute chocolate (yes, delicious chocolate) for my source of unrequited love.

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