TMF: Bad Santa

So after all our hopes and dreams for a holiday season without gender traps disguised as gifts, my daughter got this:


It is her first princess-themed item and I was equally dismayed that someone gave it to her as I was by her enthusiastic response to it. Clock it: At two-and-a-half years old, my daughter is indoctrinated in the princess culture of girlhood.

What to do? What to do?

I knew this day would come. And my plan is to not give it increased cache by banning it. I may lose pieces like this in then laundry from time to time, but I will only give it power if I villainize it.

In short: Bring on the age-appropriate talks about good female role models and that girls can do and be anything.

Distracting them with other entertainment helps. My daughter got two trains this Christmas and has already forgotten about this nightgown.

How about you? Get any lumps of coal in disguise?


  1. Your daughter should be given the freedom to embrace what you reject, just as you wish your parents had given you the same freedom.
    If she wants to be a princess she should be allowed to be, just as if another little girl wants to be a firefighter or train conductor, they should be allowed to be.

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