Gwyneth Hate Watch: Hey world, why so judgey?

While I am no Gwyneth Paltrow fan, I was irritated to see a glut of angry, sexist comments about this story in which Gwyneth Paltrow shares her daily routine, including two-hour workouts. I don’t understand the ragehol about her fitness/work/family routine. Besides the mega-millions and super-stardom, her routine seems like a lot of working parents who are trying to balance a lot of needs in a busy life. Aren’t we all just trying to find a balance and make our lives work the best we can?

But the real vitriol is reserved for her workout regimen. Why does it seem extravagant to make your health a priority in your life? Seems to me, if more of us did that, we’d all be a bit healthier. I have to do regular physical therapy and workout with a trainer to stabilize a bad back — sometimes 2 hours or more each session. Is that extravagant? Should I just live with pain? Isn’t it better to do the things we need for our bodies? Why judge? To tell you the truth, her schedule doesn’t sound that much different than mine, or many moms I know. I don’t get to workout daily (like I definitely should for my back), but I do a lot of the rest (minus the movies and movie star paychecks, of course).

Honestly, I think the Gwyneth-hate says a lot more about the collective guilt over bad habits and bad health choices than anything to do with the admittedly sometimes-smug star.

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