TMF: Bad Facebook, bad

(Trigger warning: Eating disorders)

Sometimes when I’m scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook, I am stopped in my tracks by a particularly obnoxious “sponsored post,” aka advertisement, like these. Welcome to another installment of Tired Marketing FAIL:

Copyright: The Tired Feminist

Or this:

Copyright: The Tired Feminist

Where do I even begin?

First of all: Fuck you Facebook. I am not on a diet. I do not plan to go on a diet. I am not concerned with weight loss or middle-age flabbiness. True story: I’m happy with my weight for the first time in my adult life. So, fuck you, very much.

Second of all: Without even clicking on the links, I can just look at these and know that they are propagating terribly destructive and misleading claims. Who the fuck is “Doctors’ Quick Trim” and why on earth would I believe anything they say. (Well, it says “doctors,” so it MUST be true!) How dumb do you think I am?

Thirdly: Does anyone even think that model in the first ad is real and not a product of intense Photoshopping? Look at her bust-waist-hip ratio. Is that healthy? I’m really asking, because it looks like a Barbie doll version of so-called beauty that has nothing to do with actual health. Because, you do realize that even thin people can be unhealthy, right? And so-called “fat” people can be healthy. Tell me you know that. But also, is there any way that model is even 30 years old? The ad is trying to sell me — a woman who is “30+” — on some gimmick that totally works for older ladies like me. But the model you choose is not actually my age-range? So how am I supposed to believe you, again? … Meanwhile, HOLY CRAP DOES THAT PICTURE OF THAT MODEL PROMOTE EATING DISORDERED THINKING OR WHAT?

Finally: Having recently experimented with buying an ad on Facebook for my sister site, The Sin City Siren, I have come to the conclusion that ads like this are explicitly marketed to women. All you have to do is check the “women” box when you buy your ad. This is a totally misogynistic and sexist Tired Marketing FAIL! It relies on the sexist assumption that all women are unhappy with their bodies/appearance/weight at all times. No exceptions. And that’s total bullshit.

If you’ve seen a Tired Marketing FAIL, send it my way and maybe it will be featured in a future installment!

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