Happy Anniversary Tired Feminists!

Another year and here we are all together, Tired Feminists. This year marks three years on this little blog of mine. As usual, I’m late in celebrating. The actual anniversary was last week. Points for trying?

Meanwhile, big changes are afoot, at least for me. As I announced last week, I’m going to be ending my other blog, The Sin City Siren, after the New Year. So … more time for you, my lovelies.

I don’t know exactly what dreams may come in 2014, but I am optimistic. I plan to spend more time on my creative writing and projects and much less time in the daily grind of political writing that occupied my time on The Siren. I’m keen to try new adventures in writing and in life — like learning how to cook and finding my favorite cocktail (more on that soon). Sounds delicious.

In the meantime, let’s say we keep meeting up here when the spirit strikes us. We can talk about tired marketing and stupid TV shows and you can hear my stories of accidental veganism.

Stay lovely.

PS: I’ll be posting the new Feminist Gift Guide soon. If you have suggestions, send ’em my way!


  1. I’m sorry to see you end the Sin City Siren blog. You’re posts have been revealing, revelatory and right on.

    Your voice will be missed.

    An “old” tired feminist….

  2. Your blog is a tiring hypocritical list of excuses why you’re overweight and people don’t like you. If you weren’t a hypocrite, you would champion for human rights and equality, not just standing up for people who remind you of yourself. The man’t not holding you down, its your attitude, lack of discipline and health that holds you down. Coming from one who has survived starvation, you look pretty self indulgent looking for sympathy because you feel society shames you for stuffing your face. Stop shoveling food into it, and you stop being fat guaranteed! unless you’ve alreazy eaten yourself into diabetes.

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