Hello and thanks for stopping by! I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Let’s get to know each other, shall we?

When I started this blog in 2010 I was a work-at-home-feminist. Today, I’m a feminist parent who works outside the home — raising a daughter in suburban Las Vegas. In any other town it would be a challenge to raise a strong young woman who can think for herself and stand on her own two feet. Las Vegas presents a whole new layer of challenges!

Like most parents, I am sleep-deprived. Like many third wave feminists, I feel estranged from the Motherhood Establishment. I don’t have time for “Mommy Wars” or whatever fresh hell has bubbled up as the wedge to pit parents against each other. Parenting is hard enough! Let’s stop beating each other up about bottle-vs-breast, co-sleeping is killing society, or any other issue that should be decided based on what’s best for you, your kiddo, and your family — not because there’s a New York Times op-ed shaming you.

I’m also tired of a world that is full of misogynistic, sexist, anti-woman bullshit. Conservatives say they’re sick of “tired feminist” rhetoric. Me too! So let’s have some fresh feminist discourse … between baby naps!

They talk a lot about what they are tired of, but here’s what makes me tired: I’m tired of having to educate closed-minded conservatives on why gender norms hurt girls and boys. I’m tired of having to talk about the same old stuff — like pay equity and reproductive politics — over and over again! And I’m tired of making the connections for them so they can understand why pay equity, reproductive justice, paid family leave, and more are not just “women’s issues” and not even just family issues, but whole society issues.

Raising my baby, with my loving, feminist husband, is a full-time job and I’m tired! But the one thing I’ve learned over my years is that you can’t wait for someone else to do it for you. If you’re like me and you’re tired as hell, then this is the place for you.

And I don’t discriminate. Family is family. Heteros, gays, multi-generational, adoptive…whatever. I write from my perspective as a cisgender woman and a mother. But you are all welcome here.

I’m pretty active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Be sure to follow me for regular updates!

Established: November 2010

Edited: January 2017


  1. Emmily – Thank you so much for being part of the MamaBlogger365 initiative. Your voice is so important – We really do need to get our ‘feminist-mother’ circle working together…. You are up at Mamapalooza and you’re also at Museum Of Motherhood.org and JoinMama.Blogspot.com and Mamazina. Wow. Yay! Can’t wait to work with you more. All Love – JR

  2. To me the front line of feminism is religiosity, which is always contrived to enslave women. I have a problem caring about women who only make $500.k annually rather than say $1m. There are too many women who are threatened with being stoned to death, or beaten to death in the name of some religion for me to care about power suits of either sex, sorry. Good luck with your family

  3. Hi! My name is Emma and I am working on a CSPAN video about gender inequality and I was wondering if there was some way I could get in touch with you and possibly interview you. We could do it over the phone or skype or whatever you prefer. Please let me know because it would be great to hear from you! Thank you

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